About Imprezzionz

I’ve “translated” my everyday world into loosely composed artworks of dappled light and color, capturing a certain emotion of place and memory, perhaps reminiscent of Impressionism.

These are not just pictures, they are places that touch my heart” ~Ronnie Gullette

My imagery starts with original photography, editing, applied filters and apps, re-editing, and finally drawing & painting techniques by hand to get my final work.

The works are offered as giclee prints using Epsom K3 archival inks on heavy acid-free, matte, velvet watercolor paper, custom-trimmed with 1+ inch border.

About The “Art-test”: Sharon Kurlansky

I call myself an “art-test” because I’m in the test stages of reinventing myself at age 72, after many years representing illustrators and as the director and co-founder of Laughing Stock, a stock illustration agency: http://www.laughing-stock.com

Seeing the world with new eyes and sharing that with you gives me great joy. Thank you for your appreciation of art:))

I’m available for local assignments if you’d like to consider a commission. (Palm Beach County area)

Email: sharon@imprezzionz.com

About “The Man” : Jordan Navarro : Director of Technology / Web Development

Having worked with Sharon at Laughing Stock for a few years now, I’ve become her go-to guy for when something needs fixing or developing digitally. As a computer scientist and a dad, I like building things and finding solutions to problems, and my work sometimes finds Sharon calling me “The Man”.

At Your Service

If you want an online art store for yourself or you encounter any issues while navigating this site, please contact us and we’ll make it work.

Email: webmaster@imprezzionz.com